Thursday, June 11, 2009


Here are some clerihews i already made. I'll add newer ones soon.. Stay tuned!

First one's about me:

Nasty Nandini Rao
Named after a cow
Wrote a clerihew
Now she's a poet too!

This one's about my sister, Devika:

Darling Devika Rao
Greet her with a bow
She's a Hippogriff
She doesn't like you if!

This one's about Aai:

Royal Rajashree Rao
She'll make you go 'Wow!'
She's a bit mad you'll see
Laughing out loud you'll be!

And for Annu:

Amiable Abhay Rao
He ain't from a gaon
His moustache he won't curl
but I'm his Dobergirl! :P

Thats all for now!
Au revoir!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009



As you can see, this is my first ever blog and first ever post. After a few posts/months, i will probably find this one silly..

The reason i'm creating a blog is so i can organise my thoughts a little, because i've been forgetting some of my favourite ideas and mental doodles, which I like to look at later. Honestly, i have no idea what my writing skills are like.. Sandhya Teacher is the only one who has really liked my writing, but that's only one person. (if others have liked it too and i'm forgetting, please remind me! I have a very poor memory!) (oh, forgive me if i use too many !!!s or capitals, i get a little hyper sometimes.)
I was thinking of writing clerihews as my first official post (this one doesn't count.. this is only for me and some introduction.)
I dont know much about what all you can do to your blog, like links and all.. I'll need help with that.
This blog is going to be public, like everyone else's i know is.. If you find any mistakes, grammatical or typing errors, point them out shamelessly.. (if you think i should use a better word than "shamelessly", say it.)
I encourage people to give me ideas or essays to write, because i loved writing CBSE English papers; dialogue writing, script writing, article writing and all, but I can't think of a topic on my own. If you need ideas for anything, ask me, I'll help.

My communication skills are quite bad, i can never think of a good reply or answer when someone is talking to me, but when i write, i can just backspace and take some seconds to think and it comes out the way i want it to. When i read and observe, everything is very clear, but when people talk to me, i start babbling.. And i end up looking stupid (maybe i am, i dont know).


First of all, give me some names of famous people so i can make clerihews! (if you dont know what clerihews are, look at my next post.)

And if you have any suggestions on what my next post should be, comment!

Thats All Folks!

See you next time on The IWannaWrite Show with Nandini Rao!