Wednesday, June 10, 2009



As you can see, this is my first ever blog and first ever post. After a few posts/months, i will probably find this one silly..

The reason i'm creating a blog is so i can organise my thoughts a little, because i've been forgetting some of my favourite ideas and mental doodles, which I like to look at later. Honestly, i have no idea what my writing skills are like.. Sandhya Teacher is the only one who has really liked my writing, but that's only one person. (if others have liked it too and i'm forgetting, please remind me! I have a very poor memory!) (oh, forgive me if i use too many !!!s or capitals, i get a little hyper sometimes.)
I was thinking of writing clerihews as my first official post (this one doesn't count.. this is only for me and some introduction.)
I dont know much about what all you can do to your blog, like links and all.. I'll need help with that.
This blog is going to be public, like everyone else's i know is.. If you find any mistakes, grammatical or typing errors, point them out shamelessly.. (if you think i should use a better word than "shamelessly", say it.)
I encourage people to give me ideas or essays to write, because i loved writing CBSE English papers; dialogue writing, script writing, article writing and all, but I can't think of a topic on my own. If you need ideas for anything, ask me, I'll help.

My communication skills are quite bad, i can never think of a good reply or answer when someone is talking to me, but when i write, i can just backspace and take some seconds to think and it comes out the way i want it to. When i read and observe, everything is very clear, but when people talk to me, i start babbling.. And i end up looking stupid (maybe i am, i dont know).


First of all, give me some names of famous people so i can make clerihews! (if you dont know what clerihews are, look at my next post.)

And if you have any suggestions on what my next post should be, comment!

Thats All Folks!

See you next time on The IWannaWrite Show with Nandini Rao!



  1. you havent used capitals even when you need to so you dont need to worry about that at all!!!!! :P

  2. Hey!
    Welcome to the world of elctronic diary!
    I thoroughly enjoy your style of writing! I am new to bloggin too, but what i have experienced is that pics can enhance and decorate (if you like) your blog..So add some of those..
    You can also try your hand at poetry..i am sure you'll enjoy it greatly..
    Oh yeah one more thing, you have a great memory once you believe you do and also stop underestimating your writing skills coz you are lakshmi rock!

    Clerihews? i know i know...thats the topic for your next post!

    Keep us hungry readers posted!

  3. Lol! Thanks!
    I'm using the desktop right now, so i couldnt upload pics..
    I will try writing poems, but with people like you and devika around, my poems might get squished! I'll try anyway!
    Thanks for the tips! :)

  4. Hi Lol!!
    well written, nicely composed.
    i liked it
    N i dont thnk that u need any pics if u write d sameway ahead .
    waiting 4 ur next topic!!!!
    do write somethng interesting^ ^

  5. Haha! Nice one. And who said you can't write? You only have a problem of having low self esteem when it comes to writing and talking and stuff. You sure can write.

    As for blogs, there is nothing in particular that you need to blog about. Just write about anything under the sun. As one of India's top bloggers said in his interview, if you have nothing to blog about, write saying that you have nothing to blog about and want to come up with a new post but are struggling to do so. The point is to keep writing. Continuity is the key. As I have learnt the hard way. I was away for two weeks and my blog takes a beating. Came up with a new post late last night and things are better now.

    Use your circle of friends initially. Start talking to other bloggers. Once you get a few people to like your work, they will add you to their blogrolls and then things will keep getting better.

    And yes, you CAN write. Keep it going. :)

    P.S. Something wrong with your settings, I guess. I can't sign in using my wordpress account while commenting. It allows only google(blogspot) accounts. See if you can change your settings.

  6. About the settings, i think i've set it to Only Google Account Holders..
    I'll change it.. but later.. i have to get to college now!!
    ANd i dont know if its low self esteem or if i'm afraid i'll be a snob..
    Things are going good so far in college, and i have anaged to talk properly without mistakes or mumbling :P
    So maybe i was wrong..
    I dont really wanna advertise my blog.. i'm just writing for myself! Cuz i had lost touch, and writing was one thing i was good at! SSC is the worst mistake any smart kid could make!
    ANd no one said I CANT write, i can write, but is it good enough? I mean, a LOT of people write so well, especially in my family, so mine looks like a copy of their style ( i think. i'm confused)
    Anyway.. i have to rush to college (i missed a full year of Arts, i cant afford to bunk too much)
    Anyway.. i'll see your blog too after i come back..
    Thanks for the comments! Ciao!