Thursday, June 11, 2009


Here are some clerihews i already made. I'll add newer ones soon.. Stay tuned!

First one's about me:

Nasty Nandini Rao
Named after a cow
Wrote a clerihew
Now she's a poet too!

This one's about my sister, Devika:

Darling Devika Rao
Greet her with a bow
She's a Hippogriff
She doesn't like you if!

This one's about Aai:

Royal Rajashree Rao
She'll make you go 'Wow!'
She's a bit mad you'll see
Laughing out loud you'll be!

And for Annu:

Amiable Abhay Rao
He ain't from a gaon
His moustache he won't curl
but I'm his Dobergirl! :P

Thats all for now!
Au revoir!


  1. now i know what they are! make one on me!

  2. I actually did not know what a Clerihew was till I bumped into your blog. You sure do know some stuff! Stop acting like you don't. I checked out some stuff on google.

    About this clerihew of yours, I am surprised you said "Devika" instead of the usual "DeviLa." Hehe! You did call her a hippogriff, though. :P

    Anyway, nice effort. Keep the posts flowing. :)

  3. Lol! thanks! I dint use Devila because i dint think of it! :P i call her that when i'm in the mood to :P