Friday, July 10, 2009

This is something similar to what i had written when i was in school.. I dunno if i can still do it, but i'll give it a shot!

There was a metal bowtie which made funny noises which sounded like a cross between a roar and a quack everytime the owner coughed in The Milk Room which showered milk when it sensed a calcium deficiency in pet phoenixes and their owners or when someone brought a fruit in the room as a sign of offering a milkshake as a welcome drink but it wont work on tea or coffee because it thinks it is bad for the throat and that the owner of the metal bowtie coughed because he drank tea and coffee very often and in large quantities but the truth is that the owner used to feed his inner self which has a very well funcitioning digestive system of it's own fully equipped with all organs and glands which help in digesting everything from neckties to nectar with the help of organisms which give the owner of the bowtie intellectual and concentration powers which can melt the hardest of hearts and freeze the liquidiest of icegolas that icegolawallas make so slowly that they melt and you end up staining that perfectly white top which you had strived to keep white and stain-free with the magic stain-remover which your NRI aunt got from Canada where you get all such things for perfectly reasonable prices (at least to them) and not feel bad about it because it's not like you're asking for first-class tickets to Toronto or Disneyland although I may have asked jokingly but really WAS joking and trying to laugh like those emoticons which no one in real life could possibly imitate but yet you use them to show what you want your face to look like which you cleaned with Pears body soap when you know very well that body soaps are bad for the skin on the face and can make it wrinkly and stretchy like the elastic on the sleeve of the cute kurta that you bought at a not-so-pleasantly surprising price which everyone likes and you can proudly wear to college and show off and as you're thinking of what people will think in front of the mirror you realise it's getting late and start running around and gathering your notebooks and dabba with three rotis and sabji which you are not going to eat because you want to eat in the canteen BUT you realise you're never going to make it on time so you decide to bunk the first lecture which is boring anyway and decide to go in the second lecture so you start updating your blog so you have SOMETHING to show the professionals who hire copywriters on that genuine advertising website you got from the adman who's gonna work with Javed Habib for his new idea and get so involved in writing the blog that you dont even realise it's time to leave so you dont miss the second lecture so yo can return the book you borrowed and thus must add a fullstop to the story you're writing and hope people like it and post comments!

Okay, the one i wrote in school was definitely better than this one! I should stop trying to recreate what i've written :(
Anyway, i hope my posts get better than these!
These are too forced, and not really what i wanna write, i think.
Maybe've i've lost it.
I'm not fishing, i'm just writing mental doodles, like i said.
Anyway, see you on my next post!



  1. declaration: you are the most creative girl I know of your age!

  2. even if it does not always make sense in this universe...