Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Video Killed The Radio Star. not really. meh.

Yes, I understand that musical geniuses with complicated names made magic with music in back in the day, and even if it was made long before I was born, it still touches the soul of everyone who listens to it. And that you simply cannot get enough of the Atif Aslam/Sunidhi Chauhan clones and punjabi/bihari/american - however fake - accented singers. And that Careless Whispers and Everything I Do makes your heart melt every single time you listen to it. I do.
I know it's not because the sponsors/filmmakers/other hotshots are paying you to give the songs enough airtime for the audience to be forced to listen to it and even if it's not their type of music, it grows on them. Or even because you're just playing safe by playing Lady in Red because you think most of the listeners know it and like it. I know.
But the poor little listeners whose portable music constantly befalls grief such as falling into cursed waters, don't you think they deserve some variety?
So 3 Idiots was a big hit. But have you NO consideration for those of us who watched it for a few chuckles and did not come out thinking it was a life changing, paradigm-revolutionising legend, and that constant references to the film get annoying?
Don't you realise how much power you have? All those RJs have so much potential with their wit and way with words. Is it really that hard to introduce people to Mika? With your power you can

1. Help people expand their knowledge of music.
2. Help people increase their vocabulary.
3. Get international artists to consider gigging in India.
4. Control piracy.
5. Make oblivious-to-what's-up-in-the-world-of-music people not so oblivious.
7. Make people open to other types of music, therefore, other cultures.

And I know it's not like you don't play other kinds of music AT ALL. But allotting only ONE hour with fifteen thousand commercials between songs is a bit unfair, no?
Why don't you throw it in with the regular music? Talking about it a little couldn't hurt, could it?

Changes we would like to see in radio:

1. Better and more varied music.
2. Better and more varied content.
3. Varied topics (such as cats, what to do in case gum gets stuck in your hair, Harry Potter, what you would do if you received a death threat from your kitchen tiles etc. Not just where one takes your significant other for a date, does at a date, gets someone to go on a date, and other cliché topics)
4. Better quality interactive shows.
5. Better celebrities saying "You're listening to _____ only on ___._ fm"

BAYsickly, I want more Mika (etc) and the scoops on what Mika (and other artists) are up to and people gushing about Harry Potter and cats on radio. And other stuff.