Sunday, July 11, 2010


But that would be disgusting. Specially since we suspect one has little catlets wriggling for space inside her. And the other one has too much fat. Anyway.

Today, I'm writing about the various obsessions I've had in my short, fickle life. (Can you describe one's life as 'fickle'? Or is that only minds? I'll get back on that later.)
Because like any child, when I see something shiny and awesome, I worship it. (the lustre gets added in my mind. lulz.) So.

Obsession #1: Beauty. I've always been afraid of ageing. When I ate oranges, I'd put the peel on my skin because I had heard that it's good for the skin. This happened when I was four or five years old. Notice how the skin becomes wrinkled when it's been in water for too long? I used to start crying each time it happened. Not for long, though. I got used to it the 457th time. I had a fascination for face packs. I used to lurve slathering the cold mud packs and peels on my sundar mukhda. And not taking them off for ages.
And all of it paid off. I've had only ONE pimple in my whole life. When I was 11. Now I'm 18. So HAH. Don't look at me like that.

Obsession #2: Barbie dolls. Not even because I liked her that much or anything. Probably because it was the Thing to own many Barbies. The clothes, the accessories etc. I have owned four (or was it six?) Barbie dolls all my life. Two have survived and are sprawled awkwardly in my old toy box. I know it's not a lot, people have had many more et al, but I was notorious for losing/breaking my things. Still am. But ssshh.

Obsession #3: Harry Potter. I cannot thank my sister enough for a lot of things, my introduction to the magical world is one of them. I attempted to read the book, but since I've never been the kind to pay attention to what is going on in front of me, I gave up soon enough. Then the first movie came. I LOVED it. I read the books. I loved the books. I loved them more each time I reread it. Still do. If you're chatting me up, HP references are the way to go.

Obsession #4: English. Incorrect English makes me twitch. Not that I don't make mistakes. I do (a LOT these days), but I usually correct myself within 6 seconds. I like British English better. American slang fits really well in some situations, though.

Obsession #5: Pink. 8th-9th-10th standards. It was my favourite colour. Partly because of Legally Blonde. I'm still looking for that poufy pencil cap. I've seen them in many stores, but they have stupid Disney plastic toys in them. They're not even poufy enough for the price they come for.

Obsession #6: Food. I misquote, "Nandini's bottom is a stomachless pit." I eat. I take a second helping. Then a third. Then maybe a fourth. Fifteen minutes later, you might find my head buried in the fridge, looking for food. "Can I finish this?" is a question I frequently ask during meals. This is the reason I have to go to a gym now. This is one thing I resent about moving to Bombay. The food here is awesome and cheap. They make. I eat. I gym. Everybody's happy.

Obsession #7: Mika. Michael Holbrook Penniman is love. Unlike my other music obsessions, this one survived a good THREE years. It's not always there, I DO skip Mika on my playlist when I don't feel like it, but when I DO feel like it, Mika makes me happier than chocolate cake with ice cream after sausages. Mika helped me through times of crises and celebrated with me in times of celebration. Also, he's dyslexic, beautiful, bisexual and English = awesome.

Obsession #8: Money. When I was a kid, my eyes would sparkle at the sight of money. I loved money. Well. Still do, but not nearly as much as I did.

Obsession #9: Cats. MYCATSARETHECUTESTTHINGSEVER! I love cats. I used to prefer dogs, but the day mum brought these umpkadidlydumpkins home, that changed. Though it wasn't till a month later I realised it. I chase every cat I see. (unless my pants are too low or something) All of them try to run away. ALL. Except that black cat. That one just lazily swiped his claws at me. Cats are the best.

Obsession #10: Meh. I'll tell ya when I remember. This post might just need to be split into two.